Restricting access to WordPress login by IP address

If you have a static IP address, like from your own VPN, it is very easy to increase your security tremendously. Simply restrict all logins to that IP address.

With Apache

Now, let’s say your public IP when logged into your VPN is Simply add this to your .htaccess file:

And that’s it.

With Apache behind Varnish

Now, if you’re behind a reverse proxy like Varnish (like I am), things look a bit more complicated. Since all requests now look as they’re coming from your reverse proxy, the previous solution won’t work.

First, make sure your proxy is setting the X-FORWARDED-FOR header correctly. In Varnish you would have this in your vcl_recv block:

Now you can look for that header in your .htaccess file, like this:

And that’s it.

With Nginx

Update October 17, 2015: I’ve written a new post that not only is a huge improvement over the old method I described here, but also adds much more flexibility. Take a look at the post Restrict access to the WordPress dashboard by IP address in Nginx.

There is one comment

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